It officially came into China market in 2004, bringing the direct-fire roasting concept originated from Japan into China. In 2013, for the realization of the brand localization, the "FIRE" was adjusted to "Fire." "Fire" adheres to providing high-quality coffee to consumers with strong flavor, with the carefully selected coffee beans as raw material, which are subject to direct-fire roasting to fully release the original scent of coffee, adding wild taste brought by fire. The brand logo of "Fire" is a unique flame, indicating the direct-fire roasting process of "Fire".

Product Description

The secret of direct-fire-roasted coffee with a more mellow taste lies in its unique direct-fire roasting process. Every coffee bean will first undergo layer-by-layer selection and then two special roasting processes. The first special roasting process is hot air roasting, where the soft hot air will conduct a slow deep roasting for coffee beans to gradually release their original aroma; the second special roasting process is direct-fire roasting, where the coffee beans will directly contact with the flame at precisely controlled temperature, so as to ensure that the rich aroma of coffee beans is fully extracted.

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