Jialinshan Mineral Water

Famous valley with high-quality water: The water source is located in the valley semi-enclosed by Jialin Mountain and Leigong Cliff in Wanzai Town, Zhuhai City, where lies the underground loose rock mass pore mineral water and massive rock fissure mineral water, which are mainly distributed in the Yan Mountain Phase II intrusive rock structural fissure and weathering fissure. The main mineral water-bearing section is 70~97m above sea level, with the water level of more than 130m above sea level. Natural water sources with high-quality mineral water: as approved and certified by AQSIQ, the product is the only one that may use the mark of place of origin in Zhuhai City. Water conservation with the same source for Zhuhai and Macao:Jialin Mountain is separated from Macao by a river, which shares the same water source with Zhuxiandong Reservoir and Yinkeng Reservoir specially supplying drinking water for Macao, where dense forests with clean and pollution-free water lies, belonging to the drinking water source protection area of Zhuhai.

Product Description

Jialinshan Mineral Water is rich in various minerals and microelements necessary for human body, such as metasilicic acid, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, strontium and zinc. These minerals and microelements are formed by slow water dissolution of the underground minerals undergoing thousands of years’ weathering or alteration, and they can be automatically adjusted and excreted as they are easily absorbed by the human body due to their small molecular weight; the microelements can keep the balance of free radical of human body, so regularly drinking mineral water not only adds moisture, but also better regulates somefunctions of human body.

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