Our Responsibility

Responsibility Culture

Social responsibility concept serves as the guidance for responsibility practice of China Resources C’estbon. The social responsibility culture of China Resources C’estbon shares a common origin with the culture of China Resources and follows the Management Method for Social Responsibility of China Resources, integrating the social responsibility culture of China Resources C’estbon with corporate strategic development and corporate culture construction.。

Social responsibility concept of China Resources C’estbon
  • Advocated responsibility culture: Brand as cornerstone and responsibility first.
  • Provide customers with more high-quality, environmentally friendly and user-friendly products and services, continuously exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Abide by integrity, strive for win-win development, respect for professionalism, and cultivate consumer loyalty.
  • Pursue excellence management, create perfect quality and provide sincere services quality with customer satisfaction as the goal and a sense of responsibility of employees as the basis.

II. Promotion of Responsibility

Responsibility Management System

In 2013, China Resources C’estbon sorted out the responsibilities of the leadership decision-making bodies of the social responsibility organization system, various functional departments, various regions and various directly subordinate districts, and built China Resources C’estbon social responsibility matrix management organization system to promote the implementation of social responsibility.

Publicity and Training

  • Professional Training

    Participate in the social responsibility report preparation conference organized by China Resources to make clear the focus and methods of social responsibility management, so as to enhance corporate social responsibility report preparation capabilities, and promote the overall work level of corporate social responsibility.

  • Carrying out of Preach Activities

    Infuse the social responsibility concept into the daily training by virtue of excellent staff’s visiting Hongkong, new employee training camp, inside teach-in and other occasions, so as to help the majority of grass-roots employees to further perceive and recognize the social responsibility concept of China Resources C’estbon, and promote the implementation of social responsibility work.

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