"1+1, book of love,"---- C’estbon “Hundred Libraries Plan”

The "Hundred Libraries Plan", launched in 2007 by China Resources C'estbon Beverage (China) Co., Ltd., was designed to provide libraries of public nature for primary and secondary schools lacking educational resources. Bearing the concept of "sharing knowledge in the brain, and quenching thirst in the mind", this plan calls on people to exchange one bottle of C'estbon water for one idle book for the libraries. It starts the recycling of books in urban and rural areas and encourages the public to donate their idle books as gifts for the primary and secondary schools in poverty-stricken areas. So the C'estbon libraries can be established and more attention can be drawn to the growth of the children there, to improve their reading quality, enlighten their minds and broaden their vision.

  • 2010
    Closely following the development of CR Charitable Fund, the "Hundred Libraries Plan" denoted and established a library in C'estbon Hope Town of Baise. In the same year, the program of selecting “good library” and “good administrator” from all donated libraries also started.
    After years of exploration and practice, the C'estbon “Hundred Libraries Plan” gradually began its standardized management and operation, and formed an effective and standard operating procedure. In 2011, the design and specification guideline of a VI library system was completed. At the same year, the activity of "Story-telling Day" was launched to enrich the content of the Plan. As of 2011, a total of 65 C'estbon libraries were built.
    The C'estbon “Hundred Libraries Plan” intended to initiate the "Book Tracking System" to strengthen the book-lending management and launch the book circulation activity in which books can be swapped among libraries and schools to maximize the sharing of books. In the same year, a library was donated and established in the children's welfare institute in Lhasa, Tibet. To enhance the interaction of the Plan, in 2012, we started a journey entitled "Loving Angel" and revisited the C'estbon library in C'estbon Hope Town in Shaoshan.

Our earthquake and flood relief efforts

C'estbon provided a huge amount of drinking water, clothes, tents and other supplies for disaster-stricken areas in the“5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake", "4.20 Ya’an Earthquake" and the flood disaster in the Northeast and Chaoshan area in the shortest possible time. In 2015, C'estbon donated earthquake and flood disaster relief supplies and money worth of CNY 1.02 million in total.

Protect the Pearl River

The Pearl River, an ancient river which nurtured life and gave birth to the civilization, is in an emergency and alert has been sounded. C'estbon, together with Southern Metropolis Daily, jointly organized the plan of "Fulfilling Our Responsibility for China, Protecting the Pearl River". .Volunteers and experts were recruited to make inquiries about the Pearl River.

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